Playing catch up as per


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It is incredibly hot here in Malaga; 36 degrees yesterday! It makes teaching that bit harder because not only are the children a bit sluggish, you are too!

On Tuesday in the morning I taught my class about Vikings and their homes and they then followed my instructions and drew a village. ‘above’ ‘infront etc were a bit tricky but at least it was challenging rather than too easy! Yesterday we learnt about the daily routine of a British Muslim girl and compared it to Spanish daily routines. After having shown me their work and taken a sticker, the class decorated some eggs (they absolutely love this for some reason!).

After break on Tuesday I had Ireland class who wrote newsletters about the summer school and then Wales class who decorated their boxes. Some of them are amazing! Yesterday England class decorated placemats and crowns for today’s British Tea Party and Ireland made props with me for their play about Henry the 8th on Friday!

In the afternoon on Tuesday we played capture the flag however it was a more relaxed version as it was very very hot outside. Yesterday, we had a choir challenge where the houses competed in a Glee style sing off….

Two more days and then it is all finished; quite sad really 😦


Monday Monday


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Hello hello!
I am burnt from laying on the beach and stupidly tired but I am still happy to be here!
Our washing machine broke and wouldn’t let us get our washing out for ages meaning it was stewing in dirty water for ages so I’ve just spent I don’t know how long washing everything by hand (including four big towels…).
So yes. Eventful.

Today I taught the children their new wake and shake routine (this time to Cheerleader) which they enjoyed (it is ‘beautiful’ apparently!).
I taught my class about the Vikings and the use of past tense. The class was split in two: half were Vikings and the other were monks awaiting slaughter (basically) and I interviewed them all as to how they were feeling -fake microphone and all- and then they swapped round. They seemed to enjoy it and that is good enough for me!

After break I had England class and we decorated boxes and painted pictures. This was very messy but in actual fact, Ireland class (so the older ones) were messier! They also painted eggs -the ones left over from egg and spoon racing- and two of the girls painted me! Adorable!

After lunch we did a mini Olympics with 100 and 200 metre sprints, relay and long jump which was fun!

Tiring day today really!

It’s the weedkenddddd!


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I am writing this in bed as I bask in my lie in of an hour… I feel incredibly lucky to be teaching in Spain, with EAL children (English as an Additional Language) -all those who know we are 100% aware of the fact that that is my fave thing- and that it is sunny and hot. I  so lucky that my team is amazing and we get on really well. I love that we go to the beach nearly everyday. And I love that I am being paid for this! It is an amazing experience, and it is giving me a lot more confidence in the classroom, I feel.

Anyway. You guys aren’t reading this to hear me wax lyrical about how amaaazing everything is!

Yesterday was a bit of a chaotic day, as Fridays are for revising work done in the week and practising ( hopefully used the correct spelling, if not my mother will tell me) for the assembly for the parents. There is no syllabus for Fridays but we as a team thought that we should do some teaching as otherwise the day would be too too long. So I read then Green Eggs and Ham and they read pages of it. We also read a bit of James and the Giant Peach and they acted out what they thought would happen next. I read them what actually happened and they read sections as well. All were pretty shocked by the turn of events and thought James crazy for stroking the peach and then crawling inside it…

The assembly for the parents went pretty well; England class were adorable  singing songs, mine (Wales) had big voices when describing Wales and Ireland’s Haka went very well!
All the children did the dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ brilliantly -thank gosh- and the feedback from the coordinators is that we are doing a great job!

And we are doing this all again next week!

Slightly behind again


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I told you this would happen! I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but I do have a very good reason. After school yesterday, along with my fellow teachers I went to the beach. And as I normally do, had a little swim. This time however, a jellyfish decided to stroke me and it hurt like nothing before so I ended up leaving early, using my Spanish to buy some cream and then go home and sleep. All in pain.

Told you it was a good reason!

Anyway, yesterday I taught my class about national days (so St. George’s day etc) and then we read a poem about Wales and wrote our own about London. Today we learnt about the traditional Welsh costume using photos of myself and my sister as inspiration (Who knew embarrassing photos of us in costume could be so handy?!). The children drew the costume, labelled it and then either described it or the photo on their tables.

After break yesterday I had England class (the younger ones) and we made England flags and then Gruffalo masks for their performance next week. They all look pretty good actually! Ireland class made Irish flags and were tasked with mixing up colours (but I ended up doing it as they were too scared…) Today after break I did blogging with Wales and England without computers… They wrote out their posts on papers in groups and then we played games such as the telephone game/chinese whispers and follow the rhythm.

Yesterday after lunch we did a British style sports day with hop skip and jump, relay and football dribbling skills. I was in charge of tying children together for the three legged race which felt slightly as if I was kidnapping them all… we also did an egg and spoon race and only had two broken eggs (making the buying of 30 the day before completely redundant). Today we had a talent show in which some children performed the cup song, the haka, some ballet, a play and sang.

Been a busy few days, and I’m so happy I am having this experience however I also can’t wait for the weekend! We are preparing for the parent’s assembly where our classes have to showcase what they have learnt during the week.. scary stuff really!

Summer School In Malaga


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So…. I seem to always start off these posts with an apology for not having written. My last placement felt very long and I didn’t start enjoying it until quite late. However I did in the end and the children were sad to see me go (as was I actually). I received cards and drawings and amazingly, flowers!

But. I am doing something very exciting at the moment. I am currently typing this in an apartment in very sunny Malaga, on my second evening of teaching in an English summer school. And it is incredible!

I am working as the 9 – 11 year old teacher and arts and crafts specialist and I am really enjoying it. The children all have a pretty secure grasp of English; the only problem is getting them to stop speaking in Spanish between themselves.

So in the mornings, the teachers greet the children and parents in the foyer. The parents love using their English on us and are glad to see that we are fluent English speakers. On Monday, we gave a welcome speech to everyone, which was pretty nerve wracking, but the children were just as nervous as us anyway!

Today we started our wake and shake routine. I taught a dance to ‘Up Town Funk’ to the forty children in our summer school who absolutely loved it and really tried hard. In the high temperatures of Spain a two minute routine was exhausting and required a few minutes of circle time to recover!

Yesterday we drew our own family trees and used vocabulary such as brother sister mother grandmother etc and then looked at the royal family and their (very complex) family tree. Today we reminded ourselves of body parts and the children enjoyed labelling themselves (and me!) with post it notes. We also played ‘Who am I?’ with people such as Beyonce and Lady GaGa.

I am in charge of arts and crafts, as I mentioned and so yesterday I made passports with the three classes (8 – 9, 9 – 11, 11 – 13); white for Ireland, Blue for Wales and Red for England. Most of the children used glitter which resulted in everything I own being covered by it… I am still finding it now. We re going to use these passports to record what we do during the next two weeks. Today, I had Wales class for arts and crafts and we painted our own Welsh flags. The dragon proved difficult for many but everyone persevered and we now have 14 beautifully painted flags. I am a very proud teacher! I also took a blogging class with Ireland (the older students) unfortunately without a a computer suite. I had the class in groups of four and three and they wrote out on paper what they would have written. There were some excellent pieces of writing; I was very impressed!

In the afternoons, all the children get together for some house games. Yesterday we had a house competition with games such as under over and cups and bowls. The children all really engaged and enjoyed, as they did this afternoon when we created an obstacle course for them.

It is not as strange as I first thought it would be; speaking in English to children who do not understand. In actual fact, many children are already quite au fait with English thankfully and most of them want to be here. I have to pretend not to understand them when they speak in Spanish (which is  mostly’ Do you think she understands what we are saying? Is she Spanish?’) but it is quite useful. I have found myself translating for my two fellow teachers and also conversing about the broken flush in our apartment to the building owner. I think my Spanish teachers would be proud of me!

I am not going to promise to write because that will jinx it, but I am hoping to keep you all updated on my adventures in teaching Spanish children !

pretty nervewraccking but

No Children Today!


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I am horrific.

There. I said it. I appeared for one blog post last February and have only just popped back up again! I think it is because I decided to blog only when I teach children, which is always when I am at my busiest! Anywho; make the most of this post; who knows when I will write again!

Today was a non-pupil day; which was very strange; there were no children running about, no noise, no nothing. But many teachers. We spent the day going over basic school curriculum stuff, and then my partner and I (happy mum?) sat down with our two class teachers to talk about the next few weeks. We are going to be teaching starting from Thursday, which is scary but exciting and very good!

I have also arranged to spend some time with children who have English as an Additional Language (anyone who knows me will know that this is my jam!!)

Anywho; a short but sweet post; I have some planning to do!

And I am back!


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Hello hello! Long time no blog, I know but I am back! For a week at least, and then you will have to wait till April…

I had my first day of placement as a year 2 BEd primary education student, and I am quiite tired. This is generally how I feel on my first day in school, but that doesn’t make it seem any less, well, tiring!

I am in a Church of England school, which is rather different, and does make me laugh sometimes. (As an aside, I am completely for people believing in God, it doesn’t bother me, do what you do etc etc. But I am not religious in the slightest) Today I noticed a poster giving advice about what to do if a friendship breaks down. The first four or two points were standard, you know, tell a teacher, talk to other friends… the last one however, was simply “pray”. I did have a little giggle to myself; if your friendship is at the point where you need to pray to keep it together, maybe you need to rethink!

Anyway. I am in a year four class, and they seem really lovely. This week will be more about observing the normal teaching routines and so I wont be doing much (if any) teaching. An interesting – if not scary- scheme they follow is that of S.O.L.E. This stands for ‘Self Orientated Learning Environment’, and basically, the children are in charge of their learning. So the teacher will have input of maximum five minutes, and tell the children that they need to (for example) history, science and music tasks. The children then decide what to do when and how to do it. The school does this for all foundation subjects, which sounds rather interesting and does not fill me with confidence for teaching some subjects!

I got to school this morning at about 20 past 8, and left at 5, after a staff meeting about P.E., assessment and vomit protocol…

Well, I am looking forward to meeting the second class teacher (as it is a job share class), and will tell you all about it tomorrow!

Oops! I did it again


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I apologise for not having updated my blog, I have just been so busy and life has been a tad hectic. However, I have been asked if I am going to finish off my posts for this placement, and I answered yes. So, I must!

This placement has been so much fun, I had the best time, and I definitely know I am in the right career! It is tiring and time consuming, but so so so rewarding and I just love working with children!

It also does not hurt to get presents either!

2014-06-27 16.58.55

I have been canoeing and kayaking and I have tried zip wire and archery, all things I will never do again and would not have done if I had not been at the school. It is such a fab school with lovely children and staff and I will miss working there (although I will not miss waking up early and going to bed late).

In the last few weeks I have been doing lots of teaching and I have been involved in school life, i.e. chaperoning still and helping out at clubs. I went to craft club, and I also helped cooking club, which was very rewarding (and filling!! I had wraps last Thursday!!!)

I also team taught a lesson on capacity and mass with my partner, and it was so fun! We did a Harry Potter themed session; the bottles definitely do not contain oil, food colouring, salad cream, mouthwash and bbq sauce…………………..

2014-06-25 16.14.43

Needless to say, the children loved it, however the smell was revolting in the classroom, bats blood and exploding fluid was the worst!

At the moment, while waiting in my uni halls, I am using kinder eggs in different ways. My lesson using them for story starters was so good, so now I am thinking up challenges to include in stories, and I have already made the bag in which they will be held! I have also made myself four new friends, and they are very cute in my humble opinion!! I am very impressed with myself!

2014-07-02 17.35.48

All in a days work really!

I hope that you have all enjoyed reading about my teaching experience, I do apologise for my rather lacklustre and late blog posts, it is just hard to keep on top of all the things I have to do!

Tell me why homework should be cancelled


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I do apologise for not having updated my blog, I have done so much in the past few days, I am absolutely shattered!

As well as packing up my uni room for my Dad to take back a lot of things home, and lesson planning, I have been celebrating my pre birthday with my flat. I have had such a good weekend, and I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow! I am teaching the year fours on both Monday and Tuesday Persuasive Writing, and I am getting slightly worried about it now. Fingers crossed it will be good though! I had a dream Friday night about the class reducing me to tears so let us all hope that that will not have been a premonition! On Thursday I am going to be teaching the year sixes proportion with smarties. I am being observed by my uni tutor for this, so I thought the smarties will be very engaging for the children. (that is the plan anyway!)

I am also going to be observing phonics, and even more excitingly, tomorrow I am going to be doing a one to one with a half Polish boy. We are going to be doing some reading together and I am so looking forward to it! It is going to give me lots of experience with EAL children (English as an Additional Language) and English – as that is my specialism- . On Friday, we are also helping to chaperone a canoeing/kayaking session with the year fives. I am quiiite apprehensive about this, we’ll see how that goes!

I feel as if I am becoming part of the teaching team; it is lovely to be recognised as Miss ____ around the school, and not just with the year 6s. On Thursday, I had the cooking club meal, which was so nice and I felt so honoured to be invited!!!

I also shadowed the French teacher in the year 4, 5, and 6 lessons, and they went less than perfectly as the teacher printed out the 2010 list of countries participating in the World Cup, but it was still interesting to see French lessons. It was also good for the children to hear another French voice,and accent.

Next week, I am planning to help sort out the library situation. The children all seem to have trouble choosing a book, so I am going to get them to write reviews on the books they have read. Hopefully, this means that the children can help each other choose books. And I’m also going to print out lists of books they can try if they liked one specific genre. That is one of my goals, so I will keep you updated on that!

I’m now going to practice my persuasive writing lesson, and not crying….

Feeling organised and very sunburnt


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Happy Monday!

I am feeling quite tired, so I will be going to bed really rather soon hopefully! I am currently sewing felt letters onto cotton drawstring bags to keep my kinder eggs in; here is my first, finished bag;

2014-06-09 22.30.22 2014-06-09 22.31.22

I am so pleased with myself!

Anyway, today was spent feeling very anxious as we made beads out of elder branches, meaning that there were 30 children with junior hacksaws. I’m all for giving children experiences, but I would rather keep all my fingers thank you very much!

The children loved it though, so I guess it was worth it! They also did school production work in the afternoon, which was when my partner and I were recruited by year 2 to chaperone the swimming trip. It was really fun, and I enjoyed observing swimming again 🙂

Tomorrow I am teaching art outside as part of the forest school week, which is exciting, although I am also being observed and I dont know how I feel about that!

Anyway, I will tell all later!

Good night!

2014-06-09 08.29.03

(This is another of the display boards :))) )