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Okay, I changed my mind. Here is a post for the weekend, but it will only be one!

I have a couple of things to add, not that I can remember half of them now mind you…

When I get the time, I will go through my blog posts and I will edit them, so they sound less like a mishmash of words, and more like coherent sentences (shout out to my mumma who sends me corrections via email; without her, nothing would make sense.) The reason that the writing style of the posts have gone downhill, is because I am writing them rather late at night, when I am exhausted from my day. But I need to write at that point, else I will have forgotten everything! I am also very bad at rereading my writing… But I will get round to doing lots of editing and correcting and rewording, so watch this space

I have a few more anecdotal things to write about, before I really need to do my maths assignment.

One is that I finally realised that a child who I had assumed was Chinese, is Japanese! I only found out when I looked at his book bag, and his name in Japanese was written on there. Major ego boost when I could actually read what it said… What can I say? I am a language genius (coughcough) I am slightly worried that he will now tell his parents that one of the teachers can speak Japanese and that they will try and initiate a conversation and I will just have to stare at them blankly, because my GCSE was a few years back now! But anyway. This child is adorable, but easily distracted, to say the least.

Another point I wanted to make about yesterday, was that there was a phonics meeting (as I mentioned) and at the end, a man came up to me and asked “what book do you think we should get next?” Phonics books are done in stages, stage 1 through to at least stage 5, and in each stage there is a level; up to level 10. ( I think that is the way it goes; stage and level might have to be switched actually…) I just stood there for a second, thinking “what????” I had no idea who this father was; what his child was; male, female, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2. I still have no idea. But he expected me to know exactly who he was talking about! So I asked him “was the book too easy, too hard or just right?” and he ended up asking for a more difficult book, and asked me to find one for him(!) I even told him he would be better off talking to the teacher, who was literally just next to him, but he refused to, asking me what I thought was best!!! I don’t understand! Maybe I gave off the impression of being all knowing, but it was a slightly surreal experience. It also made me aware that the books in the phonics sections are not all in order, which makes it harder to choose a book anyway. So I shall be ordering that on Monday! I quite enjoy sorting things out, and this is just something else that will benefit the school, and the children.

I might add something more onto this at a later time, as and when I remember observations from the week, but now, instrumental, relational and problem solving approaches to mathematics call to me!