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Today I spent from about 8 till quarter to 9 sticking in sheets of work into ‘Learning Journey’ books, and I still have not finished glueing everything! I also walked the year 2s down to the (closer) dance studio, and then walked them back up, after walking Reception down (who were a lot harder to herd; it made me appreciate how super my class were at walking relatively quickly and together!) After contempory dance, the class teacher took both classes, to explain what they would do after lunch, which is writing their own version of the Ginger Bread Man, and also what is expected of them before Christmas; writing several other stories. This was quite nice, as the children were able to see what they would do for the day, but also in the long term.

I went out on break duty and helped to sort out little arguments, and warmed up with a little girl by running on the spot and also doing star jumps (exhausting) After break, there was good use of technology; the class teacher put on one of the screens a video of that morning’s dance lesson, to show how well the class had danced, and the different shapes they had made- it is just a shame that it worked for five minutes, and then gave up-. There was also a discussion about nastiness in the playground, about someone’s choice of clothing. The teachers then discussed the differences between this school, and other main stream ones, saying that these children were very lucky as Johny Depp and the governors believed that the children learnt better when they were comfortable, and so let them wear whatever they liked. There was also a talk about boundaries, and the fact that the children are able to call their teachers by their first names, but were still expected to respect them. I think that this was a really good thing, as it made the children think about their behaviour a bit more. The year 2s also practised setting up for maths, and then putting things away. The teachers really want to set up classroom routines (starting a little late I feel, but there you go! I think that this placement is useful because it shows us as trainee teachers what we take for granted; up and running home school books, handwriting books, etc and also what works, and what doesn’t. It has also made me think about how I am actually going to practically organise the classroom, but also how I will introduce things like trays for specific lessons to the children. It is one thing to have a routine set up, but another to have it actually working with children who understand how it works.)

While the class was doing this, I was continuing to glue in sheets into books, and I fell upon a sheet with the title ‘What I did in half term!’ And written underneath, was something which warmed my heart; ‘I went on a trip to Newton Abbot and there were about 10 charity shops’ Anyone who knows me, will know that I absolutely love charity shops, so seeing that Newton Abbot (where ever that may be) has 10 of them, and that this child may have enjoyed them, is just the best!

We also did some singing today after lunch, which is always lovely; Winter Wonderland again! We then split into our English groups where stories were being made up. I had parrot earrings in, so a couple of girls chose parrots to be their animals, and I was even written into the story (I end up crushing one…don’t even ask! Parrot that is, not child!) The group were not listening to me in the slightest, which was demoralising but there you go, it happens (sob)

I got home at about half 6 today, which was not too bad, and I collected my first (free) Graze box! I am going to leave my ‘friendcode’ here, in case any of you lovely readers would like to have a free box of snacks! (it also helps me as anyone who signs up using my code, gets me £1 off my next box, and i think I would quite like more, especially if they are free/cheap!) You can cancel your order at anytime blah blah blah it’d just be cool if it were used.  JZXDQZ2VP