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So. My last day of my first placement!

We started off by walking the year 2 class to the Dance Studio to do Street Dance, and as the normal dance teacher was there, the children were so much better behaved and actually participated so much more. They were all engaged and it was just lovely to see. I actually went and helped carry back coffee and hot chocolate (for me) and brownies back to the dance studio for us teachers, so lovely to have a hot drink, it was so cold! And who doesn’t love a good brownie??

My partner and I discussed our placement, and she actually did a write up about a lesson I took the lead in, and she basically said that I needed to work on behaviour management, which is true! I feel like I wasn’t strict enough because I wanted the children to like me, but because of that, not all of them listened to me and took me seriously. I don’t know if I have said this before, but in my next placement, I am going to sit down with the class teacher and talk about behaviour management and what I can do, etc. I think this is something I will have to work on throughout the years, its going to be a struggle for me I think.

The class teacher here did a really interesting activity; she read a book to the class, and as she went a long, asked the children to point out adjectives and adverbs. They were very good at it, and it was nice to see a different literacy activity that I can use!

I went on lunchduty today, which I don’t actually mind doing, I find it quite nice to be outside with the children. After lunch it was singing, which was so nice! Let it be and Winter Wonderland again! And, a child was sick. Projectile. And it was very pink. All over the carpet and the teacher’s shoes. We had to create a barrier between the scene and the children, all while singing “let it be let it be let it be let it beeeee” Which is not an experience I thought I would have, if I am going to be honest! The rest of the day was spent making up song lyrics, so I just helped to spell out words and inspire children.

At the very end of the day, all 60 children gathered on the carpet and said thank you and goodbye to us, and we got chocolate and a card (my name is spelt wrong!! But I am used to it so oh well!)

2013-11-29 17.58.55

and it was just so cute! Some girls shouted out that they were going to miss me and awh! Three children started crying, and the little girl I have been teaching cheers told me that she would miss me, and that I had to come back so I could teach her the rest of the dances! So cute! I had lots of hugs and awh it was quite sad if I am honest! It is a bit silly because I know that they will most probably forget me straight away, but it was lovely to be told I was going to be missed! I think the teachers will also miss us, because we have been doing so much, like walking children to different places, doing toilet duties, setting up for lunch and then class, doing lunch and break time outside, photocopying etc etc etc! Johnny Depp even told us the other day that we were really being helpful, and he was really pleased with us and it was just nice to feel appreciated after all the hours we put in!. All the teachers were sad to see us go, so I think that we have made an impact. The children would like us to come back in at some point, and I would really like to, so hopefully I have a day off, and will be able to go in and see the Winter Wonderland that they are building for the next three weeks; soooo exciting ooh!

So yes. Sad to go, but happy to be able to turn off my 5:45 alarm clocks!

2013-11-29 08.09.18

Going to miss my ‘Student Teacher’ Lanyard badge!

(Also, as a follow up to the Wobbly Tooth Saga, the little girl lost her tooth only this morning!! Such drama)

2013-11-29 20.36.12

(Also, the only drawing I was given while on placement. I would like to note that this is not a drawing of me! I was however given a necklace of paperclips which I forgot to put back in the pot and took back with me…)