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So today, I went back to my placement school for the afternoon.

I am heading home on Sunday, and have been feeling a bit low, as it feels veryvery far away. Plus, I had no lectures today, so I thought I would do something productive with my day…

I arrived at the school at about half one, when the children were still in the playground for their lunch break (as I walked past, one child called out; ‘Why’re you here?’ slightly negative I feel, but at least he remembered me!) I am not joking, as soon as I heard the children’s shouts and laughter -cringy but true- I felt so much better; I hadn’t even realised I’d felt that bad! But it was lovely!

And the receptionist looked over the moon; it is craft club night tonight and I was able to help out for that; which was great fun yay! The teachers themselves were really happy to see me, and that made me quite happy too actually, just made me think I was actually useful! And the children! Oh my goodness! I was hugged half to death; so sweet!!!! And they all remembered me, and my name and said “I really missed you!” “I want you to stay forever!” And one of the girls was so happy she was actually beside herself with joy ahhhh made me feel so loved and awh so nice!

The actual studio has changed, for the good; children’s work is displayed, and there is now a storage system for lunch boxes and bottles, which is so much better; all tidy and neat! It is a lot nicer in terms of a child friendly atmosphere, and is more organised over all.

So the lesson they had was maths, and thinking about symmetry, and lines of symmetry. The teacher (male one this time) used himself as an example; ‘split’ himself down the middle with a meter ruler, and showed that he was the same on each side. He also showed it on a circular table. The exercise they did was the ‘leaf symmetry challenge’ where the children do a rubbing of a leaf and decide if it is symmetrical. Only the teacher had not collected enough leaves and there were 6 leaves for approximately 60 children…. Anywho, quite an interesting maths lesson! I managed to talk to one of the girls who held her pencil in an ‘incorrect’ manner as I am going to base my next assignment on this incident. I just asked her questions about why she held it in this way etc and it was rather interesting!

Craft club was fun; making snowflakes out of greaseproof paper and then painting and drawing on them. For some reason, they are planning on selling them to the parents..um what? How can you sell a child’s work to their own family? I feel as if there is something wrong with this but I am not in charge! I looked after a reception girl who was obsessed with Peppa Pig and wanted me to draw her a Peppa pig christmas tree… what even?

I stayed till 6, because the school needed another adult to do after school club, and I really enjoyed it; it was nice to talk to some of the children. I ended up helping out with finding cbeebies and cbbc websites on the ipads mostly! I was sitting on a chair and a child I have never really had a conversation with before was sitting in front of me. Suddenly, she grabs my hand and drags me onto the floor and snuggles right up to me and continues watching Peppa Pig! It was the cutest thing ever, but I really have not said more than one word to her! awhawhawh

So I had a really lovely time at the school; I am very tired though, even though I did hardly anything compared to my two weeks there!