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I am going to try to make this a quick one as I am diabolically tired, so please expect and forgive any typos or errors. (I am sure my parents will correct me and I will update later on in the week anyway!)

Today has been good, if not very tiring, as per usual really!

I started off the day sharpening pencils with two of the most useless and blunt sharpeners ever known to mankind. My hand still hurts from forcing the pencils sharp! I was going to buy the class a new sharpener, however in my hurry to find The Works before it closed, it completely slipped out of my mind (more on this later). I was sent to the office with the paper register and two children; one of which tugged at my lanyard and said ‘i like to do the beepy thing’ so of course I obliged and let her ‘beep’ us through all the locked doors within the school. As I said, they are extremely security centred.

Phonics followed the register, and the children were given whiteboards and the teacher assessed their knowledge of making different sounds such as ‘a’ ‘ee’ ‘i’ by seeing what they wrote. There was also an element of peer assessment when in partners they marked the spelling of ‘fox’ ‘cliff’ ‘ phone’ and ‘cough’. I was then given a group for a book review. I had the lower ability group, and had them recount me the story of ‘A ball called sam’ by looking at the pictures in the book. This worked really well, so I am glad that I did it. Poor Linda Strachan however (author of said book), the children were convinced her name was ‘Linda Dragon’ and nothing I did would change their minds….

We had P.E. again today, which was good; it was nice to see the class teacher taking this lesson, and seeing the differences between her way of teaching and the other teacher’s manner. It was the same lesson, just in a different order and I guess less complicated. I was involved a lot more, meaning that I too worked on my core muscles and sat in a sitting balance and passed a bean bag with my feet (albeit not for very long). Just before lunch, we had a biig problem with one childĀ again; he got very very angry and started ripping down a display board and even picked up a chair and threw it. All quite scary stuff really, bit actually it is sad that a child that young can feel that angry.

At lunch, I was able to go through my lesson plan for tomorrow with the class teacher, who was helpful, as always, and gave me pointers for improvement. There was also a baby in the staffroom, and that also made me a very happy bunny, she was so so cute! I also helped set up laptops ready for the maths session, and took another group for more odds and evens work. they seemed to understand quite well, although all they were doing was drawing odd numbers of bugs.

Another really interesting lesson was R.E., where the children all sat in a circle and talked about someone who was important to them in their lives, so we had parents, friends, neighbour’s cats, brothers, sisters, and some quite sad stories of dads who made them proud even though they are in heaven. So so sad. But it was a really lovely time and a lovely lesson.

At fruit time, one adorable little boy said to me “I don’t like bananas but I still want to eat it because it is healthy” what a cutie!! (we gave him a tangerine instead)

After all this, I went and helped my host partner put up her display board, which I really enjoyed doing! I tackled the backing paper on my own (staple guns are fab ways of letting out any stress or anger you may have…) and then we did the border together as well as the sand and then stapled on the starfish she had made with the children previously. It looks so good and I am so proud!!

2014-02-26 16.28.26

I then ran up and down the high street desperately searching for lolly sticks. (who knew they were such a rarity? I managed to snatch up the two remaining packs from The Works thankfully) and spent my evening constructing a house. Easier said than done with PVA glue, let me tell you! I think I will use double sided sticky tape tomorrow, so much less fiddly ( I am hoping anyway) and a lot quicker as you dont have to wait for it to dry. But we shall get there when we get there I think!

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