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I cannot believe it is already Thursday! The week has just flown by!

This morning I helped to set up the laptops to a phonics website and tidied the chairs round the tables as I usually do. I also brought in my house of lolly sticks, which the children were very very impressed with (I am super proud of it I must say!)

As per usual, I took a group for guided reading, and the book reviews; I went out into the ‘Learning zone’ which is basically the corridor, and it was just really nice, because they were all calling me ‘Miss ____’ and I absolutely love it!

We also took the class on a trip to Waterstones! They were all able to pick one book for the new school library and it was such a lovely experience! These children are so much better behaved when it comes to walking sensibly in public. I was actually given four to look after in the shop, and I read to them; they picked a few books for me to read aloud, and it was just so nice being with children in a book shop. I love books and I love children, so it was a perfect mix!

My lunch time consisted of running around looking for lolly sticks for my lesson in the afternoon, to no avail, so unfortunately I was not able to do my session, however I should hopefully be taking it tomorrow. I spent my afternoon painting straws yellow with groups of children (all aproned up this time!) so that tomorrow yellow straw houses can be built. They look so good! I want to take some photos of them tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to.

I also read the class a story; the true story of the three little pigs, and I had the class’ complete attention; they were so silent! It was such a good feeling to have them so engrossed in my book. I then chose a group to go and get their bags and coats ready for home time. It was just lovely to have that responsibility, and have the children actually listen to me!

I attended a group meeting for Early Years where the teachers went through writing moderation and any issues they had with certain children, etc. They went through briefly the planning for next week (I so wish I was here for it!!!) I am so enjoying this placement, and I will be sad to leave my babies!