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Hello Hello Hello,

apologies for my lack of posts, life and studies got in the way of completing my blog for my second placement!

As you may remember, my task for the last Friday, was to take groups of children and create houses out of lolly sticks. At first, it was my intention that each pair would fully create their own houses, however, the groups rotated just after the first pairs had finished sticking the panels together. So then my lesson evolved into making houses by stages. The next pair therefore, attached the four panels together, and the next created the roof. We ended up with two houses by the end of the day. Bearing in mind these children were year 1 (so 5 and 6 years old), they did such a good job and I was (and still am) incredibly proud of them.

2014-02-28 14.38.25

I really really enjoyed this placement, as I felt very supported, and more confident in my abilities to teach and control the attention of children. This is definitely the type of school I can see myself working in, in the future.

Next term, as I mentioned before, I have a five week placement, but I will see how it goes with regular blog posts!


oh wooops this has been in my drafts since the 12th of March, apologies everyone!