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Hello Hello!

Today was my first day in a year 6 class, which was interesting!

I haven’t done much teaching yet, and only spent around an hour or two in the classroom, so I have not yet built up a relationship with the children, but they seem lovely, and not too bad (as I was anticipating!)

I did, however, walk the year threes over to the swimming pool, and observed their lesson, which was a really good opportunity, and I am hopefully going to shadow the language teacher on Thursday (if everything works out!).

I was also ofsted-ed, well my uni was, and ofsted picked my placement school to observe students in. We had an interview with a lovely man, and he wrote down a lot of things… a bit of a hectic first day really!

I was also able to sit in a curriculum planning session which was good, the teachers were all choosing which themes they want to do, etc.

So my first day was not as busy as my last placements have been, but it gets harder from here!