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I was back a lot earlier today, at about quarter to 6, which was nice (I didn’t miss my train this time!!)

I spent the morning cutting, drawing and colouring backgrounds and characters for an animation project (feel like I’m in a year 1 class, not a year 6 one!!), and then it was sports day!

it was all very exciting and the year sixes were in charge of all the younger children and helped them through all the courses. There was a relay race, hurdles, general running, and an obstacle course. My job was to help lift the army net the children would crawl underneath (health and safety guys!) which is actually more work than it looks!

What I found most interesting was the dad’s race… there are some mighty fine specimens (perks of being a teacher!!)

I am starting to bond more with the children; I at least spent a lot more time with them today, and hopefully this will continue.

I also went to a philosophy club for year 5 and 6, and it was so lovely to hear what the children thought. One question posed to them was ‘what things are we not sure we believe in’. The answers ranged from God, the Universe and the conspiracy of a universal colour spectrum… They also discussed talent, and the definition and how it came to be; inherited, natural predisposition and if all talents are equal. It was very interesting and quite special to be privy to their thoughts really.


This is the video the class teacher showed them, so amazing!

I can’t believe I managed to forget to say this yesterday, but the class teacher looks like Simon Pegg! The resemblance is quite striking (for me anyway!) He even has the right colour hair (sorry Dad). It makes me want too watch Hot Fuzz