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Good evening!

I am back a lot earlier than I have been, I caught the ten past four train which was nice! I do feel bad leaving school early, but the teachers don’t seem to mind and they didnt have anything for us to do soooo

At 9:30, some former year 6s from the primary school came back as year 7s from the local comprehensive, to talk to the class about secondary school. It was so lovely as the children were so excited and they were able to ask questions and air their worries.

Afterwards, I was involved in helping the children make their animations. There is an app on the ipad called I can animate (i think that is the name) and it is amazing; it is so simple to make something of good quality!

And then I helped out by stepping in for 15 minutes in the lunch room, and I absolutely loved it! I had to over see the little ones, making sure they ate their sandwiches before their crisps etc, and it was just lovely to be with younger children.

I also went down to the local comprehensive with some year 5s and year 6s to participate in a football tournament between primary schools. I followed round Brazil 2 and we got slaughtered by everyone, except Brazil 3 (composed of year 5s…). It was very fun, better than I thought actually! There were some rather strapping sixthformers helping to referee the games, so that did not hurt either! My team had one person too many, so my job was to pick subs, which worked quite well (although everyone wanted the same boy to be off the pitch as the sub bless him). There was an unfortunate incident when I called the goal keeper off as a sub, but in the confusion, the other team scored a goal…. the captain and I, however, conceded that the blame would be shared and that it was “everyone’s fault really”… phew!!

Brazil one won (haha) so we walked back some very triumphant children to the school!