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I am back home for half term and that is why I am behind with my blog posts (and weekly review oops!). I helped out back stage at my dance school’s show yesterday and had so much fun, it was so lovely to see everyone again, and I am so so proud of them all.

Anyway, back to placement! I think I was scared of having a year six class, as I was remembering how afraid I was of them when I was in primary school. But having them now, they are no different to the rest of the school, just a little taller, and in some cases, a little more eloquent! Just bigger children really!

On Thursday I had an interesting conversation with the class teacher about groupings. He doesn’t think that they are useful, on the contrary, they hinder children’s development and their self-confidence as being put into the ‘lower’ ability class makes them feel in adequate. So, instead, Simon Pegg develops a variety of activities varying in difficulty, and lets the children decide which activity they want to do. If one higher ability child chooses to do a lower ability activity, the teacher can gently suggest a more appropriate one, and vice versa. But it all depends on the child; child led learning!

I had a tutor meeting as well, which was really nice, as I was able to make targets and just talk with my tutor, who is a very lovely woman, and it just made me feel very reassured. After that, I observed a French lesson, which was so amazing! A separate teacher comes in on Thursday to do languages, and it was year 6’s turn!

The teacher started her lesson by immersion; asking them ‘how are you?’ ‘what is the weather like today?’ (which most of the class were perplexed by) but did her behaviour management in English. They did a snap like game on the interactive white board with sports and then a word search and finally played charades.

I did the lunch duty as well, and some of my year six girls found out my name and delighted in calling it out across the lunch hall. And they also used their imaginations and called me ‘Miss Trout’ ‘Miss Kettlefish’ ‘Miss Cod’. They found it hysterical! But I didn’t turn around and did not react, so they soon stopped!

I also sat in on auditions for the year 6 production, which were really good! Although there was an incident where one of the girls was reluctant to say ‘pussy cat’ as it was a swear word. Quite worrying I think!

There was a cooking cub, which was amazing, and I had so much fun helping out! We made quiche and it smelled incredible, honestly!

Friday we did an art project, getting inspiration from John Burgerman and Keith Haring, and this produced a few incredible pieces! There were singing auditions also, and some children sung beautifully, I may have shed a tear…!

I am enjoying this placement, it took a few days to get in the swing of things, but I am excited for the next four weeks!