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Good evening!

I am absolutely shattered, for the first time on this placement! Maybe it was because it was the first day back after half term, but maybe it was because I was in charge of the snail activity on the carousel of activities occurring in class today!

In the morning, I sorted out the art cupboard, ridding the class room of many dried up paints and in particular a purple one which insisted on exploding all over the box, my hand, and slightly on my shirt. It wasn’t even half eight and I got paint on me (with no children in the room!). That made me feel quite useful, and I also took the register. This was harder as I didn’t recognise half the names on the list as some children have shortened nick names etc and I was a tad lost. However, all was good and everyone was in and it was so nice to be called by my surname by every child!!

We then took year 6 to the public garden across the road (really beautiful!) and much to the gardeners’ delight, started hunting snails and putting them in boxes to take back to the classroom. One boy told me that the two snails on his ice cream tub lid would ‘make love soon because I put a love flower in with them’ ….. indeed, love was in the air, I had to carry around a tub of two couples joined together, rather disgustingly emitting yellow goo and white bubbles. Much to the children’s horror, some snails even pooed on unsuspecting hands… Despite all this, the snails were a hit with everyone, (pretty much) and were named; speedy, big bum … the list goes on.

We transported them back to the school and during break and lunch, the teachers were all on snail duty. You wouldn’t believe it, but they are quick gallopers! (I am a fount of ‘interesting’ facts about snails now. Did you know they have four noses??) We had some sliming up the walls and everything! Anyway. Myself and my partner took turns to be TA to each other and take groups of children through the snail activity, which was observing them, and culminated in a snail race. It was very fun to do, but slightly stressful as you not only have to look after the children, but also the snails who all tried to escape!

I had a really lovely day, and I am very excited for tomorrow, I have an English starter to do (and very nervous for it; I am hoping it will work; cross your fingers for me! The Kinder eggs are coming out…).