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Hello Hello!

I am a very happy trainee teacher, having successfully taken a starter activity which produced some amazing pieces of writing! Seriously, I am so impressed I am going to talk to the class teacher tomorrow to tell him that they did!

I used my Kinder eggs full of settings and descriptions for the children to write the start of a story. Some got matching eggs; e.g. castle and princess, but some on the other hand had astronaut, scientist and forest! If the individual was feeling brave, they could pick two characters, but they didnt have to. I am just so pleased as to how it all went really!

Today we also gave out parts for the year 6 production and we had two crying girls, disappointed by their roles. One girl in particular was inconsolable, but in all fairness, there were 16 people trying out for 3 parts, so inevitably most would be disappointed.

I am aware that I am behind on my posts, and they are much less detailed, but I am going to try harder for tomorrow and hopefully catch up (and improve my writing!)