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End of my first proper week of placement, and honestly I am having so much fun! I am very tired, but it is just so rewarding, and I just know that I am meant to be a teacher, I can’t think of any other job I would love as much.

For golden time, I taught some of the girls (and one boy) some cheerleading; I took my pom poms to school to show them, and did dances and cheers, and it was really fun; I had one girl come up to me at the end to thank me specially, it was so lovely!

There were also class photos, and after doing ‘sensible’ ones, the children were able to choose their own poses etc, and one group wanted me in theirs! So I’m lying on the floor on my stomach in the middle with my hands in the middle and it is just tooo funny! I am hoping to buy it, fingers crossed I will be able to; it would be such a lovely memory I think!

Today was a bit of a nothing day, I stayed at the back of the classroom mostly, doing display work (again, and I forgot to take photos again, so I will attach next week), but next week we are doing forest schools, which should be interesting! I also sharpened a lot of pencils, and I actually have a blister from it… but it is so satisfying seeing a full tray of beautifully sharpened pencils!