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Happy Monday!

I am feeling quite tired, so I will be going to bed really rather soon hopefully! I am currently sewing felt letters onto cotton drawstring bags to keep my kinder eggs in; here is my first, finished bag;

2014-06-09 22.30.22 2014-06-09 22.31.22

I am so pleased with myself!

Anyway, today was spent feeling very anxious as we made beads out of elder branches, meaning that there were 30 children with junior hacksaws. I’m all for giving children experiences, but I would rather keep all my fingers thank you very much!

The children loved it though, so I guess it was worth it! They also did school production work in the afternoon, which was when my partner and I were recruited by year 2 to chaperone the swimming trip. It was really fun, and I enjoyed observing swimming again 🙂

Tomorrow I am teaching art outside as part of the forest school week, which is exciting, although I am also being observed and I dont know how I feel about that!

Anyway, I will tell all later!

Good night!

2014-06-09 08.29.03

(This is another of the display boards :))) )