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I apologise for not having updated my blog, I have just been so busy and life has been a tad hectic. However, I have been asked if I am going to finish off my posts for this placement, and I answered yes. So, I must!

This placement has been so much fun, I had the best time, and I definitely know I am in the right career! It is tiring and time consuming, but so so so rewarding and I just love working with children!

It also does not hurt to get presents either!

2014-06-27 16.58.55

I have been canoeing and kayaking and I have tried zip wire and archery, all things I will never do again and would not have done if I had not been at the school. It is such a fab school with lovely children and staff and I will miss working there (although I will not miss waking up early and going to bed late).

In the last few weeks I have been doing lots of teaching and I have been involved in school life, i.e. chaperoning still and helping out at clubs. I went to craft club, and I also helped cooking club, which was very rewarding (and filling!! I had wraps last Thursday!!!)

I also team taught a lesson on capacity and mass with my partner, and it was so fun! We did a Harry Potter themed session; the bottles definitely do not contain oil, food colouring, salad cream, mouthwash and bbq sauce…………………..

2014-06-25 16.14.43

Needless to say, the children loved it, however the smell was revolting in the classroom, bats blood and exploding fluid was the worst!

At the moment, while waiting in my uni halls, I am using kinder eggs in different ways. My lesson using them for story starters was so good, so now I am thinking up challenges to include in stories, and I have already made the bag in which they will be held! I have also made myself four new friends, and they are very cute in my humble opinion!! I am very impressed with myself!

2014-07-02 17.35.48

All in a days work really!

I hope that you have all enjoyed reading about my teaching experience, I do apologise for my rather lacklustre and late blog posts, it is just hard to keep on top of all the things I have to do!