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Hello hello! Long time no blog, I know but I am back! For a week at least, and then you will have to wait till April…

I had my first day of placement as a year 2 BEd primary education student, and I am quiite tired. This is generally how I feel on my first day in school, but that doesn’t make it seem any less, well, tiring!

I am in a Church of England school, which is rather different, and does make me laugh sometimes. (As an aside, I am completely for people believing in God, it doesn’t bother me, do what you do etc etc. But I am not religious in the slightest) Today I noticed a poster giving advice about what to do if a friendship breaks down. The first four or two points were standard, you know, tell a teacher, talk to other friends… the last one however, was simply “pray”. I did have a little giggle to myself; if your friendship is at the point where you need to pray to keep it together, maybe you need to rethink!

Anyway. I am in a year four class, and they seem really lovely. This week will be more about observing the normal teaching routines and so I wont be doing much (if any) teaching. An interesting – if not scary- scheme they follow is that of S.O.L.E. This stands for ‘Self Orientated Learning Environment’, and basically, the children are in charge of their learning. So the teacher will have input of maximum five minutes, and tell the children that they need to (for example) history, science and music tasks. The children then decide what to do when and how to do it. The school does this for all foundation subjects, which sounds rather interesting and does not fill me with confidence for teaching some subjects!

I got to school this morning at about 20 past 8, and left at 5, after a staff meeting about P.E., assessment and vomit protocol…

Well, I am looking forward to meeting the second class teacher (as it is a job share class), and will tell you all about it tomorrow!