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I am horrific.

There. I said it. I appeared for one blog post last February and have only just popped back up again! I think it is because I decided to blog only when I teach children, which is always when I am at my busiest! Anywho; make the most of this post; who knows when I will write again!

Today was a non-pupil day; which was very strange; there were no children running about, no noise, no nothing. But many teachers. We spent the day going over basic school curriculum stuff, and then my partner and I (happy mum?) sat down with our two class teachers to talk about the next few weeks. We are going to be teaching starting from Thursday, which is scary but exciting and very good!

I have also arranged to spend some time with children who have English as an Additional Language (anyone who knows me will know that this is my jam!!)

Anywho; a short but sweet post; I have some planning to do!