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So…. I seem to always start off these posts with an apology for not having written. My last placement felt very long and I didn’t start enjoying it until quite late. However I did in the end and the children were sad to see me go (as was I actually). I received cards and drawings and amazingly, flowers!

But. I am doing something very exciting at the moment. I am currently typing this in an apartment in very sunny Malaga, on my second evening of teaching in an English summer school. And it is incredible!

I am working as the 9 – 11 year old teacher and arts and crafts specialist and I am really enjoying it. The children all have a pretty secure grasp of English; the only problem is getting them to stop speaking in Spanish between themselves.

So in the mornings, the teachers greet the children and parents in the foyer. The parents love using their English on us and are glad to see that we are fluent English speakers. On Monday, we gave a welcome speech to everyone, which was pretty nerve wracking, but the children were just as nervous as us anyway!

Today we started our wake and shake routine. I taught a dance to ‘Up Town Funk’ to the forty children in our summer school who absolutely loved it and really tried hard. In the high temperatures of Spain a two minute routine was exhausting and required a few minutes of circle time to recover!

Yesterday we drew our own family trees and used vocabulary such as brother sister mother grandmother etc and then looked at the royal family and their (very complex) family tree. Today we reminded ourselves of body parts and the children enjoyed labelling themselves (and me!) with post it notes. We also played ‘Who am I?’ with people such as Beyonce and Lady GaGa.

I am in charge of arts and crafts, as I mentioned and so yesterday I made passports with the three classes (8 – 9, 9 – 11, 11 – 13); white for Ireland, Blue for Wales and Red for England. Most of the children used glitter which resulted in everything I own being covered by it… I am still finding it now. We re going to use these passports to record what we do during the next two weeks. Today, I had Wales class for arts and crafts and we painted our own Welsh flags. The dragon proved difficult for many but everyone persevered and we now have 14 beautifully painted flags. I am a very proud teacher! I also took a blogging class with Ireland (the older students) unfortunately without a a computer suite. I had the class in groups of four and three and they wrote out on paper what they would have written. There were some excellent pieces of writing; I was very impressed!

In the afternoons, all the children get together for some house games. Yesterday we had a house competition with games such as under over and cups and bowls. The children all really engaged and enjoyed, as they did this afternoon when we created an obstacle course for them.

It is not as strange as I first thought it would be; speaking in English to children who do not understand. In actual fact, many children are already quite au fait with English thankfully and most of them want to be here. I have to pretend not to understand them when they speak in Spanish (which is  mostly’ Do you think she understands what we are saying? Is she Spanish?’) but it is quite useful. I have found myself translating for my two fellow teachers and also conversing about the broken flush in our apartment to the building owner. I think my Spanish teachers would be proud of me!

I am not going to promise to write because that will jinx it, but I am hoping to keep you all updated on my adventures in teaching Spanish children !

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