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I told you this would happen! I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but I do have a very good reason. After school yesterday, along with my fellow teachers I went to the beach. And as I normally do, had a little swim. This time however, a jellyfish decided to stroke me and it hurt like nothing before so I ended up leaving early, using my Spanish to buy some cream and then go home and sleep. All in pain.

Told you it was a good reason!

Anyway, yesterday I taught my class about national days (so St. George’s day etc) and then we read a poem about Wales and wrote our own about London. Today we learnt about the traditional Welsh costume using photos of myself and my sister as inspiration (Who knew embarrassing photos of us in costume could be so handy?!). The children drew the costume, labelled it and then either described it or the photo on their tables.

After break yesterday I had England class (the younger ones) and we made England flags and then Gruffalo masks for their performance next week. They all look pretty good actually! Ireland class made Irish flags and were tasked with mixing up colours (but I ended up doing it as they were too scared…) Today after break I did blogging with Wales and England without computers… They wrote out their posts on papers in groups and then we played games such as the telephone game/chinese whispers and follow the rhythm.

Yesterday after lunch we did a British style sports day with hop skip and jump, relay and football dribbling skills. I was in charge of tying children together for the three legged race which felt slightly as if I was kidnapping them all… we also did an egg and spoon race and only had two broken eggs (making the buying of 30 the day before completely redundant). Today we had a talent show in which some children performed the cup song, the haka, some ballet, a play and sang.

Been a busy few days, and I’m so happy I am having this experience however I also can’t wait for the weekend! We are preparing for the parent’s assembly where our classes have to showcase what they have learnt during the week.. scary stuff really!