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I am writing this in bed as I bask in my lie in of an hour… I feel incredibly lucky to be teaching in Spain, with EAL children (English as an Additional Language) -all those who know we are 100% aware of the fact that that is my fave thing- and that it is sunny and hot. I  so lucky that my team is amazing and we get on really well. I love that we go to the beach nearly everyday. And I love that I am being paid for this! It is an amazing experience, and it is giving me a lot more confidence in the classroom, I feel.

Anyway. You guys aren’t reading this to hear me wax lyrical about how amaaazing everything is!

Yesterday was a bit of a chaotic day, as Fridays are for revising work done in the week and practising ( hopefully used the correct spelling, if not my mother will tell me) for the assembly for the parents. There is no syllabus for Fridays but we as a team thought that we should do some teaching as otherwise the day would be too too long. So I read then Green Eggs and Ham and they read pages of it. We also read a bit of James and the Giant Peach and they acted out what they thought would happen next. I read them what actually happened and they read sections as well. All were pretty shocked by the turn of events and thought James crazy for stroking the peach and then crawling inside it…

The assembly for the parents went pretty well; England class were adorable  singing songs, mine (Wales) had big voices when describing Wales and Ireland’s Haka went very well!
All the children did the dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ brilliantly -thank gosh- and the feedback from the coordinators is that we are doing a great job!

And we are doing this all again next week!