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Hello hello!
I am burnt from laying on the beach and stupidly tired but I am still happy to be here!
Our washing machine broke and wouldn’t let us get our washing out for ages meaning it was stewing in dirty water for ages so I’ve just spent I don’t know how long washing everything by hand (including four big towels…).
So yes. Eventful.

Today I taught the children their new wake and shake routine (this time to Cheerleader) which they enjoyed (it is ‘beautiful’ apparently!).
I taught my class about the Vikings and the use of past tense. The class was split in two: half were Vikings and the other were monks awaiting slaughter (basically) and I interviewed them all as to how they were feeling -fake microphone and all- and then they swapped round. They seemed to enjoy it and that is good enough for me!

After break I had England class and we decorated boxes and painted pictures. This was very messy but in actual fact, Ireland class (so the older ones) were messier! They also painted eggs -the ones left over from egg and spoon racing- and two of the girls painted me! Adorable!

After lunch we did a mini Olympics with 100 and 200 metre sprints, relay and long jump which was fun!

Tiring day today really!