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It is incredibly hot here in Malaga; 36 degrees yesterday! It makes teaching that bit harder because not only are the children a bit sluggish, you are too!

On Tuesday in the morning I taught my class about Vikings and their homes and they then followed my instructions and drew a village. ‘above’ ‘infront etc were a bit tricky but at least it was challenging rather than too easy! Yesterday we learnt about the daily routine of a British Muslim girl and compared it to Spanish daily routines. After having shown me their work and taken a sticker, the class decorated some eggs (they absolutely love this for some reason!).

After break on Tuesday I had Ireland class who wrote newsletters about the summer school and then Wales class who decorated their boxes. Some of them are amazing! Yesterday England class decorated placemats and crowns for today’s British Tea Party and Ireland made props with me for their play about Henry the 8th on Friday!

In the afternoon on Tuesday we played capture the flag however it was a more relaxed version as it was very very hot outside. Yesterday, we had a choir challenge where the houses competed in a Glee style sing off….

Two more days and then it is all finished; quite sad really 😦