Blisters; the most common teacher injury


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End of my first proper week of placement, and honestly I am having so much fun! I am very tired, but it is just so rewarding, and I just know that I am meant to be a teacher, I can’t think of any other job I would love as much.

For golden time, I taught some of the girls (and one boy) some cheerleading; I took my pom poms to school to show them, and did dances and cheers, and it was really fun; I had one girl come up to me at the end to thank me specially, it was so lovely!

There were also class photos, and after doing ‘sensible’ ones, the children were able to choose their own poses etc, and one group wanted me in theirs! So I’m lying on the floor on my stomach in the middle with my hands in the middle and it is just tooo funny! I am hoping to buy it, fingers crossed I will be able to; it would be such a lovely memory I think!

Today was a bit of a nothing day, I stayed at the back of the classroom mostly, doing display work (again, and I forgot to take photos again, so I will attach next week), but next week we are doing forest schools, which should be interesting! I also sharpened a lot of pencils, and I actually have a blister from it… but it is so satisfying seeing a full tray of beautifully sharpened pencils!



The power of the staple gun


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Good evening!

Today has been so fab, I feel like I am walking on air! (How cringy, I feel as if I should delete that last bit).

This morning I had many compliments on my outfit and hairstyle from the year 6 girls which gave me such a boost, it seems quite silly really. I was also able to help one child with maths after I saw her crying about not being able to do it. I have been in that situation before, so I knew exactly how she felt, and I am pleased that I stopped her crying and got her back on track with the nets exercise. (I also struggled with the exercise, so I definitely need to brush up on my knowledge, and confidence!)

I also had my French lesson, which was observed, and it went so well, I am so so happy! I was given a level four, which is super, as that is the grade we are targeted for the end of this placement, so all is good! The lesson, using my Kinder Eggs, kept the four childrenĀ  really engaged and I was even able to teach the bilingual child something she did not know. I am happy with my differentiation and just overall very happy really!

Also, here are the beautiful display boards that have been put up;

2014-06-05 08.13.08 2014-06-05 08.13.16 2014-06-05 08.13.30 2014-06-05 08.13.42 2014-06-05 08.14.04 2014-06-05 08.14.29


So proud!!


Miss Kinder Egg


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Hello Hello!

I am a very happy trainee teacher, having successfully taken a starter activity which produced some amazing pieces of writing! Seriously, I am so impressed I am going to talk to the class teacher tomorrow to tell him that they did!

I used my Kinder eggs full of settings and descriptions for the children to write the start of a story. Some got matching eggs; e.g. castle and princess, but some on the other hand had astronaut, scientist and forest! If the individual was feeling brave, they could pick two characters, but they didnt have to. I am just so pleased as to how it all went really!

Today we also gave out parts for the year 6 production and we had two crying girls, disappointed by their roles. One girl in particular was inconsolable, but in all fairness, there were 16 people trying out for 3 parts, so inevitably most would be disappointed.

I am aware that I am behind on my posts, and they are much less detailed, but I am going to try harder for tomorrow and hopefully catch up (and improve my writing!)


Snail Expert in the making


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Good evening!

I am absolutely shattered, for the first time on this placement! Maybe it was because it was the first day back after half term, but maybe it was because I was in charge of the snail activity on the carousel of activities occurring in class today!

In the morning, I sorted out the art cupboard, ridding the class room of many dried up paints and in particular a purple one which insisted on exploding all over the box, my hand, and slightly on my shirt. It wasn’t even half eight and I got paint on me (with no children in the room!). That made me feel quite useful, and I also took the register. This was harder as I didn’t recognise half the names on the list as some children have shortened nick names etc and I was a tad lost. However, all was good and everyone was in and it was so nice to be called by my surname by every child!!

We then took year 6 to the public garden across the road (really beautiful!) and much to the gardeners’ delight, started hunting snails and putting them in boxes to take back to the classroom. One boy told me that the two snails on his ice cream tub lid would ‘make love soon because I put a love flower in with them’ ….. indeed, love was in the air, I had to carry around a tub of two couples joined together, rather disgustingly emitting yellow goo and white bubbles. Much to the children’s horror, some snails even pooed on unsuspecting hands… Despite all this, the snails were a hit with everyone, (pretty much) and were named; speedy, big bum … the list goes on.

We transported them back to the school and during break and lunch, the teachers were all on snail duty. You wouldn’t believe it, but they are quick gallopers! (I am a fount of ‘interesting’ facts about snails now. Did you know they have four noses??) We had some sliming up the walls and everything! Anyway. Myself and my partner took turns to be TA to each other and take groups of children through the snail activity, which was observing them, and culminated in a snail race. It was very fun to do, but slightly stressful as you not only have to look after the children, but also the snails who all tried to escape!

I had a really lovely day, and I am very excited for tomorrow, I have an English starter to do (and very nervous for it; I am hoping it will work; cross your fingers for me! The Kinder eggs are coming out…).

Thank heavens for half term


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I am back home for half term and that is why I am behind with my blog posts (and weekly review oops!). I helped out back stage at my dance school’s show yesterday and had so much fun, it was so lovely to see everyone again, and I am so so proud of them all.

Anyway, back to placement! I think I was scared of having a year six class, as I was remembering how afraid I was of them when I was in primary school. But having them now, they are no different to the rest of the school, just a little taller, and in some cases, a little more eloquent! Just bigger children really!

On Thursday I had an interesting conversation with the class teacher about groupings. He doesn’t think that they are useful, on the contrary, they hinder children’s development and their self-confidence as being put into the ‘lower’ ability class makes them feel in adequate. So, instead, Simon Pegg develops a variety of activities varying in difficulty, and lets the children decide which activity they want to do. If one higher ability child chooses to do a lower ability activity, the teacher can gently suggest a more appropriate one, and vice versa. But it all depends on the child; child led learning!

I had a tutor meeting as well, which was really nice, as I was able to make targets and just talk with my tutor, who is a very lovely woman, and it just made me feel very reassured. After that, I observed a French lesson, which was so amazing! A separate teacher comes in on Thursday to do languages, and it was year 6’s turn!

The teacher started her lesson by immersion; asking them ‘how are you?’ ‘what is the weather like today?’ (which most of the class were perplexed by) but did her behaviour management in English. They did a snap like game on the interactive white board with sports and then a word search and finally played charades.

I did the lunch duty as well, and some of my year six girls found out my name and delighted in calling it out across the lunch hall. And they also used their imaginations and called me ‘Miss Trout’ ‘Miss Kettlefish’ ‘Miss Cod’. They found it hysterical! But I didn’t turn around and did not react, so they soon stopped!

I also sat in on auditions for the year 6 production, which were really good! Although there was an incident where one of the girls was reluctant to say ‘pussy cat’ as it was a swear word. Quite worrying I think!

There was a cooking cub, which was amazing, and I had so much fun helping out! We made quiche and it smelled incredible, honestly!

Friday we did an art project, getting inspiration from John Burgerman and Keith Haring, and this produced a few incredible pieces! There were singing auditions also, and some children sung beautifully, I may have shed a tear…!

I am enjoying this placement, it took a few days to get in the swing of things, but I am excited for the next four weeks!

Glad I wasn’t the referee


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Good evening!

I am back a lot earlier than I have been, I caught the ten past four train which was nice! I do feel bad leaving school early, but the teachers don’t seem to mind and they didnt have anything for us to do soooo

At 9:30, some former year 6s from the primary school came back as year 7s from the local comprehensive, to talk to the class about secondary school. It was so lovely as the children were so excited and they were able to ask questions and air their worries.

Afterwards, I was involved in helping the children make their animations. There is an app on the ipad called I can animate (i think that is the name) and it is amazing; it is so simple to make something of good quality!

And then I helped out by stepping in for 15 minutes in the lunch room, and I absolutely loved it! I had to over see the little ones, making sure they ate their sandwiches before their crisps etc, and it was just lovely to be with younger children.

I also went down to the local comprehensive with some year 5s and year 6s to participate in a football tournament between primary schools. I followed round Brazil 2 and we got slaughtered by everyone, except Brazil 3 (composed of year 5s…). It was very fun, better than I thought actually! There were some rather strapping sixthformers helping to referee the games, so that did not hurt either! My team had one person too many, so my job was to pick subs, which worked quite well (although everyone wanted the same boy to be off the pitch as the sub bless him). There was an unfortunate incident when I called the goal keeper off as a sub, but in the confusion, the other team scored a goal…. the captain and I, however, conceded that the blame would be shared and that it was “everyone’s fault really”… phew!!

Brazil one won (haha) so we walked back some very triumphant children to the school!


Introducing Mrs Thingy


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I was back a lot earlier today, at about quarter to 6, which was nice (I didn’t miss my train this time!!)

I spent the morning cutting, drawing and colouring backgrounds and characters for an animation project (feel like I’m in a year 1 class, not a year 6 one!!), and then it was sports day!

it was all very exciting and the year sixes were in charge of all the younger children and helped them through all the courses. There was a relay race, hurdles, general running, and an obstacle course. My job was to help lift the army net the children would crawl underneath (health and safety guys!) which is actually more work than it looks!

What I found most interesting was the dad’s race… there are some mighty fine specimens (perks of being a teacher!!)

I am starting to bond more with the children; I at least spent a lot more time with them today, and hopefully this will continue.

I also went to a philosophy club for year 5 and 6, and it was so lovely to hear what the children thought. One question posed to them was ‘what things are we not sure we believe in’. The answers ranged from God, the Universe and the conspiracy of a universal colour spectrum… They also discussed talent, and the definition and how it came to be; inherited, natural predisposition and if all talents are equal. It was very interesting and quite special to be privy to their thoughts really.

This is the video the class teacher showed them, so amazing!

I can’t believe I managed to forget to say this yesterday, but the class teacher looks like Simon Pegg! The resemblance is quite striking (for me anyway!) He even has the right colour hair (sorry Dad). It makes me want too watch Hot Fuzz

Here We Go Again


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Hello Hello!

Today was my first day in a year 6 class, which was interesting!

I haven’t done much teaching yet, and only spent around an hour or two in the classroom, so I have not yet built up a relationship with the children, but they seem lovely, and not too bad (as I was anticipating!)

I did, however, walk the year threes over to the swimming pool, and observed their lesson, which was a really good opportunity, and I am hopefully going to shadow the language teacher on Thursday (if everything works out!).

I was also ofsted-ed, well my uni was, and ofsted picked my placement school to observe students in. We had an interview with a lovely man, and he wrote down a lot of things… a bit of a hectic first day really!

I was also able to sit in a curriculum planning session which was good, the teachers were all choosing which themes they want to do, etc.

So my first day was not as busy as my last placements have been, but it gets harder from here!

And I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll get stuck to your lolly stick house


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Hello Hello Hello,

apologies for my lack of posts, life and studies got in the way of completing my blog for my second placement!

As you may remember, my task for the last Friday, was to take groups of children and create houses out of lolly sticks. At first, it was my intention that each pair would fully create their own houses, however, the groups rotated just after the first pairs had finished sticking the panels together. So then my lesson evolved into making houses by stages. The next pair therefore, attached the four panels together, and the next created the roof. We ended up with two houses by the end of the day. Bearing in mind these children were year 1 (so 5 and 6 years old), they did such a good job and I was (and still am) incredibly proud of them.

2014-02-28 14.38.25

I really really enjoyed this placement, as I felt very supported, and more confident in my abilities to teach and control the attention of children. This is definitely the type of school I can see myself working in, in the future.

Next term, as I mentioned before, I have a five week placement, but I will see how it goes with regular blog posts!


oh wooops this has been in my drafts since the 12th of March, apologies everyone!

This is the TRUE STORY of the three little pigs….


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I cannot believe it is already Thursday! The week has just flown by!

This morning I helped to set up the laptops to a phonics website and tidied the chairs round the tables as I usually do. I also brought in my house of lolly sticks, which the children were very very impressed with (I am super proud of it I must say!)

As per usual, I took a group for guided reading, and the book reviews; I went out into the ‘Learning zone’ which is basically the corridor, and it was just really nice, because they were all calling me ‘Miss ____’ and I absolutely love it!

We also took the class on a trip to Waterstones! They were all able to pick one book for the new school library and it was such a lovely experience! These children are so much better behaved when it comes to walking sensibly in public. I was actually given four to look after in the shop, and I read to them; they picked a few books for me to read aloud, and it was just so nice being with children in a book shop. I love books and I love children, so it was a perfect mix!

My lunch time consisted of running around looking for lolly sticks for my lesson in the afternoon, to no avail, so unfortunately I was not able to do my session, however I should hopefully be taking it tomorrow. I spent my afternoon painting straws yellow with groups of children (all aproned up this time!) so that tomorrow yellow straw houses can be built. They look so good! I want to take some photos of them tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to.

I also read the class a story; the true story of the three little pigs, and I had the class’ complete attention; they were so silent! It was such a good feeling to have them so engrossed in my book. I then chose a group to go and get their bags and coats ready for home time. It was just lovely to have that responsibility, and have the children actually listen to me!

I attended a group meeting for Early Years where the teachers went through writing moderation and any issues they had with certain children, etc. They went through briefly the planning for next week (I so wish I was here for it!!!) I am so enjoying this placement, and I will be sad to leave my babies!